you can see Blondie Volunteer in the background
The 33rd Annual National Down Syndrome Congress Convention was held this weekend at the Hyatt Hotel a block from Disneyland. (Man, that is a niiice hotel. I had no idea.) Today is the talent show, held in a large ballroom. We volunteers were designated 2-3 per banquet table of about 8 Down-affected attendees, and our purpose was to keep an eye on the Down attendees at our table, be their friend, make sure they don’t wander off, make sure they get onstage when it’s their turn to perform.

N’Sync and Titanic…really big in the Down Syndrome community. Didn’t know that. Anytime N’Sync is performed, the room would be a riot with cheering and dancing Down people. Titanic musical performances would make most of the Down people cry.

To add to the list of things I didn’t know until today: You make one audible comment about how one of the Down men in a nice dark suit, had he not had Down, would’ve gotten women left and right, and about how he looks like Keanu Reeves with a touch of Down, and suddenly you’re the butt of all the jokes among the volunteers. “Oh, there’s your man in line for open mike!” “Hey, your man’s about to go up for his dance routine, you gonna scream and cheer?” “Hey, your man’s crying!”

All in all, I had a great time. After the conference, my cousin Jennifer, her “pal” David, and I went to Downtown Disney and had a late lunch and drinks at Restaurant Catal’s outdoor circular UVA Bar. Their caramel apple martini? AMAZING.