We hit the gym twice as usual. Because it had rained late morning and the outdoor activities had to be canceled, the resort activities directors came up with new activities that can be done indoors, such as table tennis and making friendship bracelets (remember the 80’s?). Brian, one of the directors, was inside doing his friendship bracelet thing and at his prompting, Diana walked around the table to join him. This was when she brushed her knee against a protruding staple at the edge of the table and ended up with 4-inch long scratch. The ensuing whimpering resulted in the appearance of the resort nurse, a lifeguard, and Fredy (one of the activities directors) all with huge first-aid kits in hand. I wonder if this is first-class service or whether the boys just ran all over themselves at Diana’s bidding. (Hint: it’s not the former.)

In the afternoon, we got our second spa treatment, called the Mayan Treatment (scrub, rinse, body mud, wrap, facial/scalp massage, rinse, lotion). Diana’s experience was great, and she was all aglow and happy. My treatment woman was weird. She didn’t leave the room when I had to get naked or shower like she was supposed to, she kept complimenting me on how beautiful my eyes were, she giggled a lot for no reason I could discern, and she gave me a 50 min treatment not realizing it was supposed to be 85. When the last thing was brought to her attention, all she could do to supplement the time lost was give me a 35 minute massage, which she didn’t give me the full time of because she didn’t make up for the time spent on clearing up the (her) confusion with the front desk person.

In the evening, Diana changed her mind about going out on the town with me because she wanted to stay behind and play volleyball with the boys. So I went out alone. I wandered around, got some great photos, got lost (what else is new?), went souvenir shopping, discovered a great mall and spent 30 pesos at their internet kiosk only to learn that Mike’s server is down so that I couldn’t even blog (I know, I’m a loser, but I wanted to say hi to you guys and touch base from Cancun!), sent a couple of emails, and wandered back to the resort at like 8:30pm. Diana was worried as I knew she would be since it took way longer than I had expected to find my way back to Dreams Resort. There was a detailed note on my bed about where she was going to be, even tho I did run into her just outside the entryway into our rooms building.