I drove the Accord in to work today. At lunch, I went to the gym and upon walking back to my car, I saw it for the first time in a long time in daylight. The dings and scratches on it are unbelievable. People who park in our work structure are such JERKS! I know it happened in our structure because it either parks alone in my garage or alone in Mr. W’s garage, and I don’t go into public parking lots much. At the gym, I park it in a far lonely aisle for the shade and people usually don’t want to park that far so it’s usually alone there, too.

There was a time probably 5 years ago when I’d parked it in the structure at the Brea Mall. As I walked toward my car, I saw a young mother getting out of her car, which was parked next to mine. She had two young kids in the backseat, and as they climbed out the car, the mom said, “Be careful, make sure you don’t hit that other car with your door.” The kids very gingerly pushed the door out and climbed out carefully, then shut the door behind them. At this point I walked up to my car and she looked up in surprise at me smiling at her. “Thank you,” I told her, and hit my unlock button so that she knew it was my car she was protecting. She said, “Oh, you’re welcome! People need to be more responsible these days. I always teach my kids to respect other people’s property.” I wish there were more people like her around.