Having just returned from our morning 3-mile run (not bad, considering it was freaking sunny and I despise running in the sunlight, but the conversation made the run feel shorter than the half hour it took), I suddenly had a thought and asked Mr. W, “When does that show Shark premiere?” He said, “I think it was this past Thursday, you just missed it.”

WHAT?!?!?! I’ve been waiting for that show FOREVER, since they filmed the pilot episode in my courtroom! Upset, I ran a search on the ‘net.

“THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 21,” I said. HMMPH! So, 10pm in 2 Thursdays, guys! On CBS! Most of the courthouse scenes would be filmed at my work. They used the front of the courthouse entrance, the main lobby hallway, the hallway outside my courtroom and outside the public defender’s office, and they re-did my jury room to make it look like an interrogation room cell. They put up fake walls and stuff. You know what was cool about that film crew? They were supposed to restore the courtroom to exactly the same state it was in before they redressed with their props, but they returned it to us in BETTER working order. They patched sections of our wall, fixed the door so it’d close smoother. My gawd, private industry people are brilliant. It takes me so many phone calls and going thru layers of incompetence to get someone in here thru County to fix my stuff.