Jordan’s most recent blog post is about a dream she had this past weekend; she dreamt she was on a plane flying with a male companion to Mexico on vacation. When she turned to look at her companion, turned out it’s her ex-husband. In the ensuing dream conversation, the ex looked at her as if she’s crazy when she asked how he knew about her trip. The ex said they’d booked the vacation together, that they live in New York together still, is she okay? Basically, the past 5 years of single life as Jordan knew it never happened. It was like a peep into “what if.”

Jordan’s post got my brains rolling in a familiar what-if scenario. Did you ever think that maybe THIS life is the illusion, and the reality is that you’re semi-conscious in some nursing home somewhere, in a pseudo-vegetative state, and every time you do something really cool in this reality, your alternate reality comatose self smiles and gives the nurses and family members hope that you may be getting better? Maybe you’re out in a wheelchair in some garden as the caretakers push you out to get some sun. When you’re inexplicably warm in this reality, it’s really cuz your physical wheelchair-bound body is in the sun too long. Maybe in this reality, you’re a 21 year old girl laughing whole-heartedly at some person you’re interested in at the bar, and in your comatose reality, your adult son just happened to kneel before you at the same time and talk to you, and you smile. Now your son is overjoyed, “I think she heard me! Mom! I saw you smile! Smile again!” You’ve seen people in asylums or nursing homes whose thoughts and attentions are obviously not with you. Where are they mentally?

Creepy, huh?

Been thinking about that since I was a kid. The problem with reality is that it’s so subjective.