Take 2 crazy girls, give them the day off, hand ’em each a laptop, stir, and you get this on IM:

Cindy: “Wow,” dodo says.
Jordan: hi Dodo… (scatch)
Cindy: “Dodo, Auntie Jordan says hi and she sends you a scratch! Yes she does, yes she does! Scritchy scratchy, you’re just a happy cat, aren’t you? Scratchy cat! Scratch cat!”
Jordan: *achoo*.. yep.. you’re my favorite Californian cat. *achoo*. Ok go play now. hehe
Cindy: you’re allergic to cats?!
Cindy: *looking at you differently*
Jordan: dude I said I need a hypoallergenic cat
Jordan: not ALL cats… just .. most of them
Cindy: any shaved cat is a hypoallergenic cat.
Jordan: well then.. shave dodo
Cindy: but then his cone would fall off.
Jordan: not if you duct tape it
Cindy: oh.
Jordan: kisses to dodo though.. mommy made me say it
Cindy: he’s ignoring you.

Well heck, at least it’s a productive day! I was up at 8:30, went to Kragen Auto Parts in search of more car care crap (I need to wash my car again cuz after I washed and Zainoed it on Saturday, the Spa place turned its sprinklers on my car on Sunday). I didn’t end up buying anything tho, cuz it looked like I’d have to spend like $50 on bucket/washmit/wipe cloth, plus another $50 on a hose. So instead I spent $45 on cat stuff at Petco and $65 on clothes I don’t need. But the good thing is, I have a whole new wardrobe for Hawaii. And right now laundry is going downstairs. I’m gonna vacuum the house today and go work out in the time it takes me to do 2 loads of laundry, hopefully.

This reminds me of the beginning of Jordan and my IMs today:
Jordan: I went to THREE doctor visits today… so I should blog about that
Jordan: since I’m lacking things to blog about
Cindy: I know, one indication that people are doing well is when their blogs get boring.
Jordan: either that or they’re leaving the good stuff out