Mr. W spontaneously got the day off today, so he came by my house after he left work, helped me pack, and then I fed, watered, brushed, de-earwaxed Dodo, and we came back to his house to get him packed. Here’s the good news:

I asked him if he’s bringing his laptop, and he said yes. There may not be an internet connection, but he said something about just going out and finding a kiosk or something for looking up things to do in the area or restaurants to eat at. He said if there’s internet available at the hotel for a price, we’d just pay for it so he could use his laptop.

That means I can still read your blogs! Yay! (What? You want me to write blog posts while I’m in Hawaii? I’m on vacation!)

He’s already purchased VIP seating tickets for a Cirque Hawaii show tomorrow night.

Here’s a reminder in case I can’t post this weekend: FALL BACK AN HOUR ON SUNDAY!! It’s not gonna do me that much good, tho, cuz we lose a couple of hours in the Hawaii time zone anyway. Hawaii also does not observe daylight savings time, so on Sunday, we’ll be 3 hours behind. Eh, it doesn’t matter. I’m on vacay; I can sleep till I wanna get up.