…my nose is cold from having to breathe in the cold air.
…I keep sitting on my hands to warm my fingers, but all I end up doing is freezing my butt.
…when I touch my tongue to the roof of my mouth, I can feel that it’s cold, and when I put a little puddle of saliva to the roof for a couple seconds then push the pool to the tip of my tongue, I can tell that the saliva is now cold which means my nasal cavity can be used to make ice cream.
…James suggested I drink something warm, and I drank a cup of hot coffee, but that just made me pee which meant I had to get half-naked in a restroom and sit on an ice-cold toilet seat, which just made everything worse.
…I went to Jordan’s blog several times today just to cuss at her weather pixie who’s announcing that Florida was 85 degrees Fahrenheit today.
…I still don’t think it’s fair we can pronounce judgment that will take away a man’s freedom for the rest of his life, but they won’t let us change the temperature in our own courtroom. (The thermostat is sealed behind a metal cover that only the maintenance crew has the specialized tool to open.)
…try as I may, I can’t bring myself to believe I’m in Sunny Southern California. My city dropped to 39F last nite, kicking the butt of the 1994 record low of 41F. But the irony is, it actually is sunny outside.
…I’m actually considering doing some divorce cases, which always warms my heart =P
…I’m trying to talk myself into overcoming the Asian thrift gene so that I’d turn on my heater tonight. So far, the frugal side is still louder, claiming once I change the sheets, I’ll be better, and it doesn’t make sense to heat an entire two-story house when I’m only in 3 square feet of it (curled up shivering in fetal position).