We just got back from Cirque du Soleil’s “Corteo” at the Orange County Fairgrounds. Mr. W is a huge Cirque fan. But if you ask me what “Corteo” is about, I couldn’t tell you; I didn’t pay much attention as I was sitting in my seat for the 2+ hours practicing my extraordinary ability to stay perfectly still while seething and composing this post in my head.

Before the show started, we were sitting next to each other in our assigned seats and then a guy and a girl sat down directly in front of us. The guy was THE tallest guy in his entire row, head/shoulders/back 2 feet above the seatback, and of course he sat down directly in front of me blocking my view of the stage. The rest of our row to my right was empty, and remained empty even after the doors closed and the music started, so Mr. W and I moved 3-4 seats to my right so that we sat behind a gap. We weren’t there longer than 5 minutes when the guy and the girl got up and moved a few seats over to THEIR right, and with an open seat between the guy and the girl, the girl sat in front of us blocking our (mostly Mr. W’s view) of the stage again.

What happened next if you heard Mr. W tell it would be: Cindy got irrationally upset at the people who moved and cussed them out at the top of her lungs, starting a bunch of tension and trouble that was unnecessary and designed to ruin Mr. W’s day.

With my elephant memory, let me give the actual play-by-play. After the guy and girl moved, I didn’t react but Mr. W looked at me incredulously, raised his hands in an exasperated gesture, and made a scoffing sound. He said something short, something to the effect of “Can you believe that?” or “Unbelievable.”
I looked down at the guy and girl and commiserated with him by saying, “I don’t know why they have to sit apart.” (Although they both moved down, they left an empty seat between them.)
As Mr. W was pointing to my right and suggesting I move yet another couple of seats down our row, the guy actually turned around in his seat, glared at me, and said in a snotty voice, “Is it really that big of a problem?” I just stared back at him as we moved, but I refused to give him a verbal response since I wasn’t ever talking to him to begin with.
The guy kept glaring even after we finished moving over, and Mr. W said to him, “We moved so that she could see.”
The girl at this point turned around toward me (partially) and said in a sympathetic tone, “I’m in the same boat as you.”
The guy finally turned around back toward the front, and I called it as I saw it. “What an ass.” Not her, I meant him.
I was surprised they heard me, but it was obvious they did because the girl gave an audible gasp and visibly started, although she didn’t turn around, but the guy turned around, pointed a finger at me, and said, “Shut up. You shut up right now. Shut up. Shut up.” I still didn’t talk to him, just gave him a look like, Dude, you’re the ONLY ONE talking right now.
After like the 6th “shut up” and other random statements I couldn’t make out from him, I finally said the only thing I would say to him the entire night: “If she’s in the same boat as me, you should understand.”
He responded with other things I couldn’t hear. But what was my darling Mr. W doing the entire time this was going on? Loudly shushing ME. That was most of the reason why I couldn’t hear what the other guy was saying.
“Thanks for getting my back, as usual,” I said sarcastically to Mr. W when the two people in front had turned back to watch the stage. We had a short argument about the situation, him saying that they were just moving over for a better view just like I had just done so I shouldn’t get all bent about that, me saying I didn’t give a shit about the moving over, it was HIM that was upset they moved and I was just commiserating with him and the guy was the one who turned around and instigated something with ME and it’s nice to know that if I were ever involved in a physical altercation that Mr. W would hold ME back and let the other party punch me. Mr. W kept insisting that I cussed them out when they were just moving over when I could’ve just fixed the situation by moving yet another seat over myself like we had ended up doing, and he was just not getting that it’s about backing ME up and had nothing to do with wherever the hell other people were sitting. I was pissed that someone else could instigate shit with me and he would blame ME for “ruining his day” and going into a speech about how he was so tired of people ruining his life and ruining his day, when I don’t think I should have to bend over and grab my ankles when some guy wants to be an ass. I was not the confrontational one here.

I was so pissed the entire night that when composing this post in my head, I fantasized about downgrading Mr. W’s nickname from Mr. W and instead calling him the GID, the guy-I’m-dating, just in this post.

BTW, the girl didn’t get involved with creating nasty stuff, but she didn’t shush her man, either. Even if she backed him silently, she still backed him. He owes her some loyalty points. Wonder what that feels like.

My wish: We’ve fought about similar things before (him not backing me), and like I’ve told him in those arguments, I don’t need someone to fight my battles for me and I don’t need him to come to the forefront swinging a sword, but I would like him to at least STAND BY ME and not go against me in public and slide into “poor me, I’m such a victim” mode when someone started shit with ME.