Monday night I dreamt that I went to the bridal store to buy my wedding shoes but they were totally sold out. I was annoyed because I was told by the salesperson (in real life) that the shoes were a regular item and would not sell out. So I went to another location that was bigger and nicer and saw the shoes I wanted, but turned out that although the straps and tops were the same the bottoms weren’t so these were practically flats. This anxiety dream probably came from my mom’s “reminder” on Sunday that I must make sure I wear very high heels so that I could make up for some of the height difference between me and Mr. W at the wedding.

Before I started blogging my last post, I had been doing what my dad calls my “TV sleep.” I dreamt that I’d accidentally dropped or poured some stuff out of a bowl on my lap, and saw squiggly inch-long yarn-sized black things on my lap. Upon closer look, the black squigglies were moving and alive. So I stood and patted all the squigglies off. However, turned out some had already burrowed themselves into the workout pants (that I was in fact wearing in real life) and had even penetrated the internal lining layer. I shook my pant legs and got more out. Then I felt pricks of pain all around my legs, butt, lower abdomen, and turned out these black worm things were biting me. I pulled the pants down to my knees and saw a bunch more of the squigglies clinging onto my skin, so I patted them off and scratched more off, afraid to look any closer for fear of being grossed out. They were like leeches or something. I remember thinking I should take my pants completely off and shake them out, but for some reason I didn’t and pulled them back up, and soon realized that there were still worms in there. I stuck my hand into the pant legs and loosened more of them, noting how I could feel scratch-long welts in my hamstrings. Gross. I have no idea what that dream’s about.