Mr. W’s gamer brother and wife drove here this afternoon from Vegas and the three of them left about half an hour ago to attend Shipwreck 2008 at the Queen Mary. I didn’t go cuz I don’t do events where scary things jump out at me and I can’t hit them back. I hate that we’re all funneled through like sheep and just victimized. I hate the element of surprise in attacks, unless I’m doing the attacking. So they’re gone till, like, past midnight at this terrorfest party and for the first time EVAH, I get this house all to myself. (Stepson typically doesn’t stay with us on weekends.)

WHOA, what do I do with all this freedom? If I were a guy I’d pop in a bunch of pornos and jerk off all night. Woohoo! But since I’m ME, I’m apparently BLOGGING. Cuz I love you guys. So love me back by leaving some comments. =)

I took today off cuz my judge is off attending a criminal law seminar, so I didn’t feel like going to work to float. I remember what happened last time I was floated out, although I apparently made such a great impression that that judge remembered me months later and invited me to transfer to his courthouse to be his clerk through that courthouse’s administrator (which my judge did not appreciate). Of course I declined, cozy as I am presently. Never needing much of an excuse to play hookie himself, Mr. W also took the day off work. Here’s what we did today.

That’s right. We went SAILING. It was our first time EVER. And it was at our lake. Here is our sailing instructor and his wife.

It’s my high school German teacher, Mr. Finn Englyng and his wife, Kirsten!
He taught us what parts of the boat and actions of sailing are called…

…about wind direction and how it affects our movement…

…and about who has right-of-way on the water in given situations and crafts.

Most of it, especially the terminology, went over my head. I must’ve looked the exact same way I did when my dad tried to teach me chess. That glazed look used to piss my dad off and cause him to walk away from me. But Mr. Englyng is a professional (retired) teacher and he was good, patient, and I did control the rudder part of the trip and the sails another part of the trip. And of course the company was hard to beat.

Hmm. 7:19p. Where’s my anime porn?
I am kidding, of course.