Nebulizer treatment given…check.
Baby changed and fed…check.
Baby napping…check.
Baby laundry done and put away…check.
Dishwasher unloaded and dishes put away…check.
Lunch eaten…check.
Checks for bills and stuff written…check.
Got mail and package…check.
What’s missing? Oh yes, the hubby. =/

A friend had once said that the thing she hated most about married life is the constant waiting. Feeling like her day isn’t complete and her evening hasn’t started until he comes in the door from work. Life is on hold while waiting for him. I’ve certainly been watching the clock more rigorously than before I was on maternity leave. “He’s just starting his work now.” “He’s almost at lunchtime.” “He should be back from lunch now.” “He should be getting ready to leave now.” And then, in what seems like forever and yet oddly quickly when counted in terms of baby nap periods, “YAY! DADDY’S HOME!,” I tell Allie.

The package I received was from BabyComfyNose, the mouth-powered booger sucker thing I ordered over the weekend. I was eager to try it, but wouldn’t you know it, by the time I had the package open and the tube set up, Allie was looking at me innocently from her high chair at the dining table, lips sealed, breathing comfortably through her nose. I laughed at her. She laughed her toothless gummy wide-mouthed laugh back.

I’ve noticed when feeding her on the living room couch that when I sit her up to burp, she looks with intense interest at something toward the front door, probably about 7-8 feet up. As she learned to smile socially in the past month or so, she’d break out in a big open-mouthed smile in that direction, her eyes curling into little downward-facing crescents in her jolliness. Today, she did the same thing, but made laughing sounds. It seems like she’s staring at the silver-framed engagement photo of her father and me, hanging on our wall near the front door. (See 3rd photo from the bottom for a picture of said photo and frame from this previous wedding post.) “What’re you smiling at?” I’ve asked her often. “Do you recognize that photo? Were you there in spirit that day when we took it?” She’s remained as silent about that mystery as she remains entertained by the photo.

Maybe she just thinks it’s funny to see her mommy and daddy all dressed up and spiffy-looking cuz we certainly don’t look like that anymore. Especially not me; it’s a rare day if I even pop in contact lenses.