Grandma (my mom) came over yesterday and gave Allie a new hat she’d knitted.

It was a little big, but I think Allie’s going to grow into it really soon. How else could I explain the extra feeding she’s been cramming in the past 6 nights straight? Must be the 3-month growth spurt. For the past week, she hasn’t been sleeping through the night anymore. She has her last meal for the day at 7pm (I advanced this from 8:30ish, so this may have something to do with her awakenings, too), hits the hay, then wakes up around midnight-ish to eat, then again around 4ish to eat. Taking away a 9pm-ish meal drops her feedings to 5 a day instead of the usual 6, but I thought she was ready for it. At least, she was before she got sick. So some of the night feedings could also be because she doesn’t feel good so she eats so little in the day now; 5 minutes, 1 side, and she refuses to eat more, so she’s making up her calories in the middle of the night. I guess time will tell.
“Thanks for the hat, grandma!”

Since finding her fingers, Allie has been busy tasting them. Given that, I’ve also paid special attention to her hands, making sure her nails are short so she doesn’t wake up with new scratches on her nose and then eats whatever’s in her fingernails. It’s amazing the random lint you find between baby finger and baby palm crevices.

This photo doesn’t depict it, but her feet already reach the BOTTOMS of her long sleep sacks. I wonder how tall she is now. When she stands (assisted for balance, but she carries pretty much her own weight on her legs), she seems pretty darn tall. My mom says, “What are you gonna do? When she’s older and you need to slap her, you’d have to reach way up!” *making effortful-sounding grunts as she makes a motion like she’s attempting to spike a volleyball over a high net* “You’d have to tell her to bend down so you can hit her!” Ah, first generation parents. The stuff they think about.