I *just* realized Allie’s 3 months old today!

*Now she wakes up pretty regularly on her own between 6:45a-7a, and just lays there looking around and kicking, smiling, until I go get her. She greets me with a big smile and sometimes a laugh.
*Dr. Weissbluth’s sleep book says around 12-16 weeks, the “morning nap” is developing (due to brain maturity), and we should see this happen at between 9a and 10a. I would put Allie down for her morning nap when she starts showing drowsy signs of rubbing her eyes and yawning, but after about 10 mins of serious soothing (which she fights now cuz she wants to play) and she konks out, she’d been only staying down for half an hour or so. Her long naps had been the later morning one, around 11:30a, when she’d be out for almost 2 hours or more. However, yesterday and today, after she fought the morning nap a little, it’s gotten long. Yesterday’s morning nap started at 8:30a and went till 10:30a. Today, she got up a bit later (7:30a) for having gone 11.5 hours overnight without waking for a feeding (whoa! …and, ouch for my boobs! I got up at 5:30a to pump a little) so she didn’t go down for her morning nap till 9a, but she’s still sleeping. It’s been over an hour. So this might be the morning nap draining from the late morning nap that she’s going to start to minimize or eliminate. The late afternoon nap (1pm-ish) is supposed to develop on its own around 5 months.
*I was concerned the past few days since she’d been sick, since she doesn’t stay at the breast long. Flip Flop Girl suggested yesterday that she is just more efficient at eating, so what may have taken 10 mins before now takes 5-6 minutes, doesn’t mean she’s starving herself. What Allie does is pull off my breast, turn her upper body to face up (and away from her food source), and smile at the ceiling. Or, she talks to me, as she’d been doing the past few days. “aaaAAAAAaah! Gggkkkkk!” She’s practicing her gutteral sounds. Sometimes it sounds like she’s saying “milkkkkkkk.” She waits for me to do the “ggggkkkkkk” back, and when I do, she laughs. Then she does it again. “Aaaal ggggkkkkkkkk!!” And I do it back. She laughs. I tell her I’m going to stop playing with her now cuz she needs to eat. Then I find myself doing it again. “Ggggkkkkkk!” Allie laughs. That trickster.
*She found her thumbs yesterday. Since then she’s been happily sucking.

*She loves to stand. She sits like a big girl in the hole of the Boppy, but she’ll reach for my thumbs, one in each hand, and wants me to pull her to standing, slowly. She kicks up against the couch she’s sitting on to help me. If I don’t help pull her up and I’m too busy entertaining her with songs, she’ll start leaning forward and kicking up and down with her feet, eager to get up.
*Yesterday, I watched Mr. W do the funniest thing with her. He had her laying on his lap vertically, her head at his knees and her feet on his chest. He leaned forward, pushing her knees into her chest and bringing his face to her face. “Aaaah-aaaah!” she’d say to him. He leans back. She stops. He leans up. “Aaaah-aaah!” Back. Stops. This happened over and over, like his leaning up was triggering her sounds. Two separate occasions they played this game, and both times I ruined it by laughing so that it distracted Allie and she turned to look at me, and stopped responding to Mr. W’s movements.
*She says “Ell” the most, which sometimes sounds like “Allie.” Since most of the questions I ask her are things like “Who’s that pretty girl in the mirror?” “Who’s sitting like a big girl?” “Who’s got a big diaper full of pee?”, it sounds like she’s answering correctly.
*She grabs cloths, brings them to her mouth and leans her head down to greet her hands so she’s curled forward, and I guess it works cuz it helps me hold the burp cloths in place and she ends up wiping her own mouth and chin.
*She’s started drooling.
*She bats at toys that dangle over her hand and face. It may be accidental, though. But she definitely grasps things from the high chair’s table and pulls them on her lap.

For the most part, she seems recovered from the RSV infection. She may cough a couple times a day, but no crazy spasms, no vomiting. We’ve stopped using the nebulizer, and lowered her mattress back down. The inclined mattress was a pain, making her slide down to the rail when she’s kicking around during/after sleeping. I still run the humidifier in her room for most naps and overnights, but not all naps.