I managed to snag some photos taken by a neighbor of the birthday party we attended last weekend. The backyard carnival fancy-smancy theme party for the 1-year-old.

Here is the birthday boy Hudson’s daddy at the hot dog stand.

In addition to the personalized hot dog stand, there was lots of personalized bottled water, too.

The face-painting booth.

(Allie did not know what to make of all the kids coming up to her with stripes and webs on their faces. “Ooh, a zebra!” I’d tell her. “Look, it’s Spiderman!” She would just stand and stare as the boys stared back. Then I’d realize she doesn’t know what a zebra or Spiderman looks like, so my explanation is moot.)
The dessert table with the popcorn-bucket cupcakes. The “popcorn” are miniature marshmallows, hand-twisted and placed on a layer of white frosting, and then the tops of the marshmallows are lightly misted with a diluted solution of yellow food coloring.

Some kids playing carnival games.

…and of course, the birthday boy with his own smash cake, in between his mom and dad.

The photo booth let us email the photos in addition to giving us printed ones. I don’t know why they came out as doubles, but here they are. Here is me with my little Allie Cat in a fancy black feathered boa.

And then we went back for a pic with Mr. W with our little bunny (her zodiac sign).

So turns out it’s not that easy to get a toddler to look at the camera, particularly when the camera isn’t as interesting as stuff on the outside of the booth, especially when she has to look at the camera long enough for it to go off and take the photo while she’s still looking. I tried tapping on the glass near the camera to get her to look, but mostly all that did was make me look at my own hand higher than the camera while clearly she lost interest already. Oh, well.