You know how on the last post, I’d talked about finally reviving my DSLR camera from the grave (okay, it wasn’t dead, just very, very neglected) and giving child photography a whirl? Here are some shots. I admit, the photo quality is much better than my old stand-by of my cameraphone, but man, was it hard chasing down a prancing toddler in a big living room. Oh, BTW, we finally got the replacement rug and put it in. Now Allie has a much bigger space in which to frolic.

Here, Allie demonstrates how she judges whether my photos have “measured up.”

“Hey mom, I saw on the piano bench that your DSLR camera bag is out. You’re kidding, right? You’re really gonna try to do this?”

Saturday was the UCLA-USC football game. We Bruins have not won a game against ‘SC since…like, when I was in college. Okay, maybe that not long, we may have won a game here or there when I wasn’t paying attention.
Anyway, Allie knew which side her bread’s buttered on, and dressed the part.

I also gave her a UCLA stuffed football bear and a USC stuffed football bear (gifts from Trojan buddy Eddie and his wife Michelle) and asked her to pick the loser.

Allie: “Hmm, the tag on the USC bear says ‘loser,’ so…”

The UCLA shirt is a gift from Auntie Flip Flop Girl. Her UCLA shoes is a gift from her daddy. The only UCLA thing I bought is the footsie bear…back in 1995.
Allie: “And you call yourself a Bruin?”

This is what Allie looked like when I told her we’d just WON this game.

All right, all right, in reality, this is what Allie looked like playing peek-a-boo with Daddy. And if you’re noticing a lot of teeth, let me tell you that her upper left molar and incisor cut last week. She now has 10 visible teeth, more coming very shortly.

Here is another gift from Auntie Flip Flop Girl (and Uncle Mike by proxy, and her pals Kyden and Sienna). A blankie that identifies the owner! Cool, huh?

“Daddy thinks he tackled me, but I’m about to fart on him.”

“Hey, wanna see my new levitating sippy cup trick?”

“Mmmrrrggghhhh!” *grunting in concentration*

Now you had fun with us, and you didn’t even have to break a sweat like I did bringing the fun to you! Yay.