The kid makes us laugh every day, multiple times a day. Over the weekend, we were in the car; I was driving, and Mr. W was in the backseat with Allie. Mr. W brought up some plans or dreams for his retirement, as he frequently does. While that conversation was going on, Allie suddenly started saying, “Night-night? Dada, night-night? Dada night-night?” We didn’t know what she was talking about until it finally hit me — she had latched onto the “tire” in “retirement” and had thought her dada was saying he was tired, so she was suggesting he take a nap. Haha!

Today for Allie’s dinner, I made all-organic meatballs, using beef, soft (non-GMO) tofu, carrots, beet greens, a type of yellow pepper, onion, and celery. As I was prepping the ingredients, Allie came into the kitchen and did a pull-up on the counter (as she frequently does) and seeing the tofu, wanted to try it. “Om? Om?”
“Want some tofu?”
“Okay, here’s some tofu.” I popped a piece of the raw chilled silken tofu in her mouth, and she loved it. She came back multiple times asking for “more tofu, more tofu.” I finally had to break up some pieces and put it in a bowl for her to carry around. She came back twice for refills. “More tofu, more tofu, more tofu?”
She also currently loves rice. Fried rice, brown rice, quinoa, mixed into veggies or plain, she’ll ask for it and eat it.
She’s so Asian.

Oh yeah, she still doesn’t like commercial cake and altho she’ll ask for it, will spit it out, as we discovered 2 weekends ago when Ann visited and brought dinner and a large piece of cake as a belated birthday dinner for me. I was really proud of Allie, altho it was rude. I’ll teach her manners when she’s older, but meanwhile, out with the cake! 🙂