Earlier this evening as I was making Allie’s dinner, I heard “clump-clump-clump” behind me, and then a gleeful little voice said, “Look, mama.”
I turned around and saw this. Good thing I don’t leave my shoes and high heels laying around the house.

Allie: “Look, mama!” *pointing at feet*
Me: “Oh my goodness! Are you wearing Dada’s shoes?”
Allie: “Uh-huh!”
~ * ~

Me: “I’ve gotta get a picture of Allie in Dada’s shoes!”
Allie: *looking down and pointing at Dada’s shoes*
Mr. W: “Look up, Allie. Look up, look up.”
Allie: *looking UP*
(Kids are so literal. =P She almost tripped looking up at the ceiling.)
~ * ~

Allie: “Done-done.” *stepping out and walking away, leaving Mr. W’s shoes in the middle of the kitchen*
(She didn’t learn the leave-your-shoes-laying-out thing from me!)