Now that I’ve hopefully inspired* you guys to be good little spouses, lemme inspire you into making your bodies and health better.

*i.e., scared

Email chain between me and my gym trainee (adjusted for easier reading):

Her: You’d be proud of me I worked on my arms, abs, and did 20 minutes of cardio (x-cross trainer) on level 4. Monday I think I’m moving it to level 5. I was dying yersterday but it seemed easy today.
Me: I AM proud of you. =) Cardio is easy/hard depending on how much sleep you had, whether you had breakfast that day, how hydrated you are, and what time of month it is for you.
Her: I’m working my way to that one. Since I don’t were my medical card around my neck I don’t want to push it and end up in County hospital.
Me: haha! Hey, you don’t have any health conditions that may be exascerbated by strenuous exercise, do you? I should’ve asked you that first before we started training.
Her: high blood pressure. But that’s been great since I lost weight and started exercising. My doctor said it’s the best it’s been in years. To continue to do what ever it is I’m doing. 🙂
Me: wow, I’m so glad to hear that the exercise has more than cosmetic effect for you. I didn’t know that! You’re gonna save a lot of aggravation and money on blood pressure meds.
Her: People don’t understand why it’s so important to me. The doctor told me if I planned on being at my son’s high school graduation I better start acting like it. My body is not able to carry the extra weight. I had problem once I put on 20 pounds while I was pregant. 🙁 So I couldn’t be the happy fat (oops obese) lady even then. So it’s deeper than tryin to be cute. But I love giving the men something to look at too! Now if I can only do something with my hair.