I got a comment on my site from someone who received a letter from Ms. Elizabeth and decided to do some research on her online, and the search engine brought him to this post of mine.

Curious how high up I ranked in the search engine for him to have stumbled upon my site, I googled “Miss Elizabeth.” All the hits were on some recently deceased wrestler named Miss Elizabeth. I then added the word “psychic” to the end of my search words and voila!, directly underneath the 2nd hit of Miss Elizabeth’s solicitious (I know that’s not a word, but it should be) web page itself, were my two posts on her in Cindy’s World.

I also found this scam site listed right after mine, 4th one down on the list, which lists her and 3 other mail “psychic” scammers. I’ve already received a similar mail solicitation from a Dr. Marissa Von Trapp, which means I’m likely waiting for 2 more, from a Skye Alexander and a Maria Duval. Because those 2 names sound familiar to me, I’m not sure I didn’t already receive solicitations from them in the past and just discarded them because they were SO poorly written.

I guess my spirit guide saw to it I got more of my curiosity answered: how many people are getting letters from Marissa Von Trapp, and are they identical? I guess they’re identical enough, and have reached a broad enough audience, to have made a discussion thread on its infamy google-able.