I found 2 bruises on the elbow side of both my forearms last nite. I showed the 4 marks to Mr. W. At first he suggested they were bruises from my massage, and I said they can’t be, these are brown which means they’re at least a few days old. He said, “It looks like the marks you’d get from blocking techniques.” They are in the right positions for hard-blocks on kicks and maybe some hold breaks, but Thursday’s jujitsu class was a special clinic on boxing with a long-time pro boxer, and we did no blocks with our arms. Wednesday was belly dancing. I worked out all week long, but I couldn’t have banged the underside of my forearms weightlifting. “Maybe I have leukemia,” I murmured.

This morning, I realized what they are. They’re war wounds from my scaling the wall on Thursday night! Hwah!