Worked out at the gym, washed the car(s), had some rare Ahi tuna tataki salad at Cheesecake Factory, went to jujitsu, ran a mile.

Sounds simple, huh? It wasn’t. Instead of doing a nice-and-easy, go-at-your-own-pace couple of miles like the four of us did last week, Josh and Gerardo came up with the brilliant idea of running a mile as fast as we could and seeing what our times are. Since I was the only one with a watch, I did the countdown and we started at exactly 9:45p. At an outdoors track in 58-degree weather (I know the temperature because my car said so), the brisk air cut into all of our lungs. Josh was spitting bloody phlegm afterwards, my lungs still hurt upon expansion right now such that it forces a little feminine bong-smoker sounding cough out of me when I inhale sharply, Jackie was wheezing, and Gerardo…well, he was just fine. In fact, he came in first at about 7 1/2 minutes; I came in second at 8:05; Josh was 2 seconds behind me; and Jackie did pretty well at exactly 9 1/2 minutes. While the rest of us were walking off our misery, cramps and phlegm balls, Gerardo went and did some pull-ups as if gravity didn’t apply to him. “Gravity actually helps him,” Jackie remarked bitterly. “It somehow propels him upwards.” Gerardo is apparently superman who needs to push himself down to keep his feet on earth. And then we found out when he was a teenager, he used to do some gymnast stuff. =P I knew I couldn’t compete with him in grappling, boxing, jujitsu, or running, but apparently I can’t out-double-back-flip him off parallel bars, either. If he weren’t so nice, funny and supportive, I’d hate him. Or if he were female, I’d hate him.

I’m just kidding. Cuz he’d make too ugly of a female to incite hatred in me.

I’m just kidding. He has beautiful features. In fact, I’m gonna get him drunk in Hawaii, put makeup on him and take some photos.

I’m just kidding. Well, maybe.