This would’ve been the day to call in sick. There’s a throbbing pain behind my left eyeball in my head, and I’m pissed as hell from being unable to reach Mr. W since 5:30p yesterday despite calling his cell, house, and leaving messages. I also didn’t sleep well last nite because I still had my summer sateen sheets on the bed and was freezing to death. I really need to change to one of my flannel sheets. I actually had to duck my face inside the covers so my nose and face could thaw out, and then I was scared of falling asleep and suffocating. Even now my fingers are frozen, stiff and painful. I suppose I can skip a workout today at lunch, since I got to go to jujitsu yesterday evening. It was just a 45 minute workout then a potluck/movie (we saw Kung Fu Hustle, which I did not know was entirely a Mandarin-speaking movie), but we ate healthy and I managed to sweat during the workout despite its minute duration and the freezing temperatures. Besides, I did run yesterday at lunch, a little over 3 miles.

Or maybe I just want to go shop or something, I dunno. I hate crowds, tho.

Where’s a pissy, cold antisocial girl to go?

** Addendum: We’re on a break right now and I just went to get some coffee and brought it back to my desk. It’s so cold that I gave a big shudder and almost spilt the half-full cup on myself. Good lord.