My supervisor got me to go to the doctor today, by telling me this:

0 – the number of people who died of pneumonia by going to the doctor.
0+x – the number of people who died of pneumonia by not going to the doctor.

I went to a different Kaiser facility at the advice of my court reporter, and that place was a blessing! I’m going there from now on.

20:20 – the time of my appointment (I was shocked I was able to GET a same-day appointment, considering I couldn’t at any of my other regular facilities).
0 – the number of people ahead of me in line when I went to check in for the appointment
2 – number of minutes spent waiting in the waiting room before I was called into the nurse’s station
100 – my systolic blood pressure (or whatever the larger # is)
57 – my diastolic blood pressure (or whatever the smaller # is)
58 – my pulse rate
128 – weight with a t-shirt, fleece sweatshirt, heavy jeans and tennis shoes on (woohoo! That means I’m like 124 nekkid! or maybe less!)
2 – number of minutes spent waiting for the doctor in the exam room

She figured I had a virus (like flu or cold) that ran its course in about a week, and then when I relapsed, it was because it became a bacterial infection in the upper respiratory area. She prescribed a round of antibiotics.

0 – number of people ahead of me in the pharmacy line downstairs
15-20 – number of minutes the pharmacist told me to wait for my prescription to be filled
8 – number of minutes actually spent waiting before the prescription was filled
40 – number of minutes spent at the Kaiser facility in all
10 – days of amoxicillin to take. This makes me slightly nervous, cuz the last time I took amoxicillin, I ended up with a yeast infection. 😛 Oh well, anything but this suffering! *cough cough*

2 – the number of gallons of ice cream we just bought to celebrate my weight loss. har.