Last nite, I put on a thick bathrobe, covered myself with a blanket, and watched “2 and a Half Men” on TV while eating some of my mom’s homemade wontons that I boiled in chicken broth. My face and body were hot, but my limbs were freezing. Shortly thereafter I fell asleep on the couch. The sleep was fitful and for some hours I was very aware and uncomfortable at just how high my body was burning. I don’t think I’ve ever felt my temperature go up that high before, and I briefly thought about going upstairs to get my thermometer but couldn’t regain full consciousness/control to do so. It seemed I could feel every joint and organ, and they were not happy. It also felt like my tonsils had swollen into golfballs and were hanging down pulling my throat closed. It was almost impossible to swallow. For some hours, I seemed to be vaguely aware of a man with me, and he had some kind of problem, some source of stress, I THINK it was finance or real-estate related, something about his kids, too, but I couldn’t get it together enough to help him even though I wanted to and could feel his stress. Then around 2am, my body temperature dropped closer to normal and I went upstairs to bed.

After dreams of being unable to make it to work, I awoke with just a low-grade fever (which I still have right now). I’m warm, but it wasn’t like hellfire-bbq-warm like last nite. I may take a half-day today after my jurors start deliberating.