I’ve been doing really well in my nutrition-aware new year! I’ve been cooking a lot more, and making as much healthy stuff as I can. Mr. W makes extra breakfast when he makes his, and packs it for me to take to work so I can eat at my desk before work starts. It’s usually something like steel-cut oatmeal with flax seeds, blueberries, raw almonds, raw cashews, raw pistachios, and golden raisins, mixed with organic soy milk or almond milk. I also make sure to take a complete set of vitamins after breakfast (women’s multi, folic acid, salmon oil capsule, Vit C, calcium, acidophilus, glucosamine+chondroitin). This morning, Claudio invited me to join them on a run, so I met up with him, Jenny, Dwaine, and one of Jenny’s girlfriends in a park and we did track laps and short sprints. I’m not a sprinter, so my right hip flexor feels a little odd, like I may have overworked it on a sprint, but I feel pretty good. When I got home, I made a lunch of veggie wrap: red cabbage, carrots, kale, sprouts (all raw and organic) marinated in extra-virgin olive oil and organic apple cider vinegar, with guacamole, wrapped in a low-carb high-fiber wheat tortilla. I’m finishing off the meal by relaxing with a nice hot mug of red raspberry leaf tea (good for woman parts). Tonight Mr. W and I are meeting up with Eddie and Michelle at The Stinking Rose. I’m probably not going to eat raw organic veggies for dinner, but I’ll try to only eat half my dinner (considering the 40-clove chicken or garlic prime rib) and bring back half for lunch tomorrow. I’ve also gotta remember not to drink or have caffeine, to make sure these little eggs are at their optimal health. And isn’t that the best reason to abstain from drinking and bad stuff? I find it more effective than vanity. And that, is definitely unexpected. This kid is already more important than I am. 🙂