Christi sent photos of Allie with my description of Allie’s eye symptoms to her pediatric ophthalmologist friend, who responded:
“sounds like intermittent exotropia which can manifest around that age. Doc will monitor to see if affecting visual development and frequency.
Not urgent but don’t want to wait a year either, like some of my pts wait for years…?!?!
Many reasons for eye to start wandering. Amblyopia, structural…etc. need to start with complete exam with Peds opth”

So I emailed Allie’s pediatrician at Kaiser, with a description of the symptoms and the 2 photos in the previous post. He responded within an hour or two saying that he has already put in the referral for Allie to see a pediatric ophthalmologist and that I should be contacted by the office of one in the next 2-3 days to set up an appointment. Wow, that ball got rolling faster than I’d dreamed. He recommended I see the specialist sooner rather than wait for Allie’s 2-year birthday. He also said that he believes Kaiser does offer some vision therapy, but thought that it was limited to kids age 5 and older. Bummer. So I may still need to go to an outside therapist and pay out of pocket, unless I can figure something out with insurance.

Some levity is needed…
Allie: Dada, why pee, why pee?
Dada: Huh? Why pee?
Allie: Why pee? Why pee? Why pee?
Dada: *blank*
Allie: Towel. Towel?
Dada: You want a towel?
Allie: Yeah!
Dada: Sorry, I don’t have a towel, but I have a wipey — OH! WIPEY!

I guess dada not speaking fluent Allie is forcing her to expand her vocabulary.